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Stoltzfus Deli

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About Us

Stoltzfus Country Deli joined the Bristol Amish Market in March of 2009. Here you will find lunch meats, cheese, pickles, salads and milk. The deli is owned and operated by Benuel and Barbara Stoltzfus from New Holland, Lancaster County PA.

Our Dairy Farm

Their son Elmer and his wife, Kate, have a dairy farm called Groffdale Meadows Dairy. At the dairy farm they make cheese from raw milk. This cheese is then brought to Bristol Amish Market and sold at the deli. However, the milk we sell comes from Yoders Dairy in New Holland, PA.




Our Cheese

The cheeses you’ll find in the Ben Stoltzfus Deli include garlic & chives, cheddar, colby, hot pepper, sharp cheddar, and smoked cheddar. There are no BST or hormones used. The cheese is homemade with milk from our own cows at the Stoltzfus family farm. All our cheese has all-natural ingredients, and is aged over 60 days.