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Last Pig Roast of the Year

Last Pig Roast of the year Fri. Sept. 25th, Sat. Sept 26th

Fri Oct 11th

Sat Oct 10th Closed

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving Week, Tues. Nov. 24th 9-4, Wed. Nov 25th 9-6, Thur Nov 26th Closed, Fri. & Sat. Reg hours

Week of Christmas

Open Tues Dec.22nd 9-5, Wed Dec. 23rd 9-6, & Thur. Dec. 24th 8-3, Closed Fri. Dec 25th, & Sat Dec. 26th

New Years Weekend

New Years Weekend, Open Wed Dec 10th 9-6, Thur Dec 31st 8-3, Closed New Years Day, Open Sat Jan 2nd 9-4